Below the Line Ads

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Creative ways to advertise

To promote a brand outside the spotlight of mass media. This is the greatest mission of below the line ads. There are several ways a company can have a presence in the day-to-day consumer’s life – from gifting to promotional actions, anything goes when it comes to conquering the heart and mind of the client. Creativity, innovation and strategic planning are the essence of these ads.

Maintaining an interested audience is a big challenge, therefore, it is necessary to think outside the box. More than attracting the attention of the public, it is necessary to create a real experience to the consumer. For many years, the below the line ads have been alternatives used to reach the public, through a well-planned and targeted communication.

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What are ads below the line?

The below the line ads or BTL are advertising pieces that are not published in major media (TV, radio, magazines, billboards, etc.). It is a low-cost strategy which aims to reach consumers, increase the desire to buy and advertise products and services in a creative way. One of the biggest advantages of BTL advertisements are automation tools, which allow for a more accurate measurement of the ROI.

These powerful tools of communication are widely used in:

  • Promotional actions
  • Social Media
  • Actions on sales points
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Brochures
  • Events
  • Free samples and others

Ads below the line vs. Ads above the line: what's the difference?

The term below the line and above the line ads emerged in the United States, in the 50’s. During planning meetings, advertising executives and marketing professionals drew a line on a board. Above the line were laid investment values for traditional media. Below the line there were budget surpluses, i.e. the lower part of the budget for other means of communication.

However, this concept has changed: the improvement in technology and the Internet has transformed the relations between consumption and also the form of marketing. The boom of digital channels, especially social media and mobile, outlined a new way to promote products and services, through direct interaction and engagement. Therefore, although distinct, below and above the line ads cannot be mutually exclusive. Depending on the communication strategy, it is possible to reconcile the two channels and have amazing results!

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How to make use of the ads below the line?

Contrary to what you might think, below the line ads require a good strategic planning. The fact that it is a campaign of low investment does not imply a lack of preparation and long-term goals! After all, your company’s image is at stake, so it is necessary to mind a checklist before starting:

  • Understand who is the persona, in order to establish an objective, assertive and friendly dialogue
  • Determine the channels that have more to do with the business
  • Define the objectives of the actions and devise a strategic approach
  • Conduct a market research to check trends, innovations, etc.
  • Document and track data, in order to document hits ans misses
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Below the line: invest in this strategy

There are endless possibilities to impact, encourage the public and generate a positive experience of the brand. The Megapix Ambassadors Contest, for example, is one of our success stories. At the request of the basic cable TV channel, we developed a digital promotional marketing campaign aimed at Youtubers. Through the gamification of the process, we were able to elaborate a Challenge Award, with the goal to invite users to interact. The results were impressive, both in the number of accesses to the website and number of subscribers!

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