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The importance of gifting actions for your brand

If you have a company, you’ve probably heard of gifting actions, one of the flagships of relationship marketing. Giving customers corporate gifts is a practice quite traditional in the business world. However, gifting actions raised the practice to another level! More than a simple present, it is necessary to provide an experience to the consumer. This way, a brand can make itself present in a positive way on people’s everyday lives, promoting lasting ties.

In addition, these actions help to attract professionals and partners of companies, since they are also applied in endomarketing, relationship programs and loyalty of employees. Contrary to what you might imagine, the digital marketing and traditional marketing cannot be excluded. In this context, the strategy of distribution of gifts remains high, since it enhances the perception of the brand. Currently, consumers seek more than products and services. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in actions especially developed to overcome expectations and surprise an audience increasingly demanding.

To captivate the audience and open up new business opportunities, it is necessary to service sensations and provide a personalized and unforgettable experience. Have you planned actions of gifting on your company? We can help you in this mission! We are experts in corporate gifts creative and innovative. Talk with an expert!

What are the actions of gifting?

Gifting actions are strategies used in relationship marketing, with the aim of strengthening bonds with the public. However, a simple pen with the logo of the company won’t impress and captivate the audience, but rather a special treat that is both exclusive and customized. Promotional marketing actions need not necessarily be material objects: meetings, trips, sensations and other experiences are also ways of gifting.

We can say that corporate gifts humanize companies, bringing them closer to the public. The keyword of the strategy is the relationship. Creative and Innovative and corporate gifts, with well-planned and prearranged goals, are powerful stimulants to involve people!

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Why offer personalized gifts?

The principle “give-receive-reciprocate” opens doors to new business opportunities, as well as strengthens the presence of the brand. There are several reasons for your company to invest in personalized gifts:

  • Pampering can increase the curiosity of the public
  • Encourages consumers and keeps the clients loyal
  • Gifting actions bring the companies closer to the public, improving the relationship
  • Marketing helps brands to better understand what the public wants
  • Personalized gifts reflect the personality of your company
  • Prolong the consumer experience with the brand
  • Promotes a positive perception of the brand
  • Are excellent tools for propaganda
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How to perform actions of gifting?

A successful gifting action should be well-planned. Therefore, it is necessary that your company knows which image you want to convey to the public:

  • Establish a clear and objective goal
  • Set a strategic plan
  • Define the type of message, the context and the language
  • Learn what is the profile of your audience
  • Creativity galore: remember that the intention is to surprise and delight!
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Custom-made Corporate Gifts: know our success cases

In a partnership with Megapix, we developed a super original gift to celebrate the 9 years of the basic cable TV channel. We developed a special packaging, made from seed paper, which contained the most successful films in the channel. After enjoying the content, it would be possible to plant and extend the experience of the gift. Our proposal was to elaborate a creative, practical and anti-stress gift, perfect for a relaxing and therapeutic activity. Check out our gifting portfolio and learn why we have the best and most lasting partnerships!

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