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Stationery for companies: essential to your business

Stationery for businesses is a fundamental way to promote the image of a brand. Investing in a custom graphic material of high quality conveys seriousness, professionalism and generates greater credibility within the public. In addition, the attention to detail of graphic applications adds even more value to the company! You must be thinking: “But nowadays everything is digital.” This is true; however, the printed media is still important. The reason? Branding, baby! The stationery for businesses and the famous gifting activities are part of a larger project, which involves various strategies and only one goal: to build a positive corporate perception i.e., charm the audience and get more than customers – “fans”! Either on the online or offline environment, it is necessary to innovate and always be ahead of the competition. Do you want to leave your mark in the business world? We prepared sensational solutions to help you in your business stationery. Come check them out!

Stationery for businesses and the importance of corporate visual identity

The saying that goes “the first impression is the deepest” has never been taken more seriously. In fact, presentation is everything. The creation of a brand is the first step to transform the name of a company in a graphical representation. The person responsible for the creation of the visual identity of a brand is the designer. Elaborating a harmonious, unforgettable and versatile graphic identity, the brand conveys more credibility and stability for the public. Which company doesn’t want to have its identification made easy, free of texts and presentations? In this sense, the physical world has an advantage that the virtual doesn’t: it sharpens all our senses. An impeccable corporate stationery makes all the difference when you present your brand, both for customers and employees.

What are the main graphic applications in stationery for businesses?

  • cartão de visita

    Business cards

    There is nothing more classic than pulling a card from your pocket to make a professional contact. In the digital era, delivering a beautiful card is an act of cordiality and a sign of care and attention. Often, when there is no time to exchange contacts, the good old card always saves the day. This important item of stationery for businesses contains brief information and the logo of your company. Each brand has a unique design to convey your corporate DNA, mission and values. High quality business cards are always welcome, because they convey a positive image and open up new business opportunities.
  • papel timbrado

    Letterhead and envelopes

    The letterhead is used in internal communications, budgets, letters, correspondence and other documents. This item helps to highlight the company's brand, promoting authenticity, credibility and facilitating the identification. This type of material, as well as any other stationery for businesses, also follows the pattern of visual identity. Another element of vital importance is the custom envelope. It is here that you will insert important documents, therefore, it is essential that the item is attractive and inviting.
  • flyer

    Brochures and flyers

    Brochures for business have various elements to reinforce the image of a brand. Pamphlets and flyers are some of the most used marketing strategies to promote products and services. Well-planned graphic pieces that are attractive and in line with the visual identity of the brand can bring about amazing results. In addition, a creative material brings more publicity for your company, strengthening its presence in the market and in the memory of the consumers
  • banner


    Banners are signaling materials for a business. This type of material is widely used to promote campaigns, services, events, celebrations and physical stores. A great advantage of the banner is the fact that it is visible from a long distance, besides having a good cost/benefit for anyone who is autonomous. When well-planned and executed, the banner is a powerful piece of propaganda.
  • catalogo


    Coming up with a good catalog of products, services, information and others is essential for sales. A successful catalogue must have a harmonious, attractive and striking layout. This type of material should contain well-produced images, texts with objective information, descriptions, and well-organized high-quality content. In addition, it is essential that the catalogs of your company are always updated and complete.
  • personalização de kits

    Personalized kits

    The personalization of kits (also known as gifting) is one of the oldest strategies that exist. Currently the customization of gifts goes far beyond just offering an object that makes you remember the brand. It is necessary to provide a unique experience that translates the values and mission of your company. The personalized corporate gifts deliver much more than services or products, they deliver exclusivity. The personalization of kits creates ties between the brand and the public, promoting a lasting and solid relationship.

Now that you already know the importance of stationery for business, how about you up the ante in the communication of your business?

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