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identidade visual

Visual Identity: your company’s personality

The visual identity is crucial in the process of creating a brand. In an increasingly competitive scenario, it is necessary to ensure a place in the sun. But how do you promote a visual strategy for success? The answer is simple: strategic planning. Although this may seem easy, creating the visual identity of a company is one big of a mission!

A good communication strategy should be in tune with offline and online services. The visual identity defines the graphical presentation of the company in the market and in the public’s memory. It will generate a positive and reliable impression of your service or product, facilitating their identification.

To build a corporate image of success, it is necessary to consider the culture of the company, its trajectory and what it wishes to convey to the public. Do you want to create, update or reformulate the visual identity of your company? We are experts in the subject! We’ve been on this road since 2002, innovating and offering creative solutions for traditional and digital media. Pull up a chair and come have a coffee with us!

identidade visual

What is visual identity?

Visual identity is a set of standardized graphical elements that represents an institution, service or product. This type of work is carried out by experts in communication and design. These professionals must detect the needs and personality of a brand, in order to elaborate a unique visual strategy.

The process has rules and technical criteria for reproduction of the brand, in the digital environment as well as on printed media. Logos, colors, forms, ideas, characters and many other elements make up the essence of a brand and transmit its values. In addition, the visual identity singles out the company among others, facilitating the identification and memorization.

a importancia da comunicacao visual

The importance of the visual communication to your business

Visual elements are essential within a communication strategy. The human being is extremely sensitive and attentive to images. Every brand has one goal: to solidify a positive, reliable and professional image alongside the public. Investing in a friendly design that is easy to assimilate makes all the difference to your business success.

The visual communication is as important as the quality of your service or product. It translates the excellence of your company, adds value to the brand and establishes a relationship of trust with the public. In addition, a good strategy strengthens the image of the brand, attracts new opportunities and defines its territory in the business world.

vantagens de uma identidade visual bem planejada

Main advantages of a well-planned visual identity

  • Promotes a greater brand recognition
  • Facilitates the identification of the public
  • Influences the results
  • Transmits values, ideas and business concepts in accordance with the business strategy
  • Increases the feeling of reliability and professionalism alongside the public
  • Increases profitability
  • Strengthens the company’s presence on the market and on consumers’ everyday life
  • Promotes a solid relationship between companies and customers
branding empresa cliente

Branding: creating the relationship between company and clients

Branding is how the public perceives a certain brand through values, emotions and experiences. It is a communication system used by companies to create a positive image, attract an audience and boost sales. This powerful strategy goes far beyond the creation of visual identity or logo, although it is closely linked to these elements. We can say that the branding is the bridge that connects company and customer.

A good branding generates credibility, professionalism, transparency and, of course, awakens the desire of the consumer. Solidifies the relationship between brand and customer, since it generates a public opinion on the market. The greater the audience perception in relation to your brand, the better. So, you are always ahead of the competition and able to make decisions with greater assertiveness!

The management of the branding is multidisciplinary. A successful strategy involves brand, visual identity, quality corporate communication and much more. Actions, advertising pieces and well-planned campaigns help strengthen ties with the public, because they trigger engagement, interaction and approximation.

The visual communication is a competitive advantage for a brand and must be aligned to all areas of the organization.

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