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What is Digital Marketing, anyway?

Digital marketing is a way for companies to use digital channels like Google’s search, e-mails, social media and other means to strengthen the relationship with the public. A good interaction is always the best advertising. In this case, it is a segmented, adapted and customized advertising.

The Internet has revolutionized the relationship between company and customers. Inbound marketing has always existed, but technology has enabled a major breakthrough in the strategy: it is now possible not only to develop and share content geared to a specific audience, but also employ resources (SEO, for example) to optimize the consumer experience.

Propaganda, advertising and the traditional outbound marketing now go hand in hand with a powerful strategy: the digital marketing. A successful marketing is one that is done for the right person, at a time when they need it most.

This means that, in order to reach the public, you must be exactly in the same place as them: the Internet.

plano de marketing digital

So, what is your digital marketing plan?

Assembling a good digital marketing plan is essential for a strategy to work. Promoting digital actions requires a rigorous documentation, containing information such as objectives, timeline, data from competitors, definition of leads and opportunities, mapping of proposals and others.

It is not enough to assemble a campaign and spread it in major online channels: it is necessary to implement a technique that is objective and rely on trained professionals. With this great challenge in mind, we have the best services to optimize your company’s online communication!

Marking digital presence

A website is your permanent home in this big world called the Internet. As for the hotsite, it is your temporary home on the web, which can promote a new product or service. Website creation is one of our many specialties: keep in mind that it is impossible to compete nowadays without having a “small land” well cultivated on the web!

marketing de redes

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the pillars of inbound marketing, also called marketing of attraction. Yes, you need to conquer the hearts of users, generate content of value and draw interest. The Social Media professional oversees managing the communication of a particular brand on social media.

When the topic is marketing on social media, it is impossible not to mention the paid ads. Investing on Facebook marketing and advertising on Instagram is a way of boosting the propaganda of products and services. Systems such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads offer a great return and high range of people!

game marketing

Game marketing

Forget the traditional approach: game marketing is an increasingly strong tendency in the universe of advertising. The social games are the newest category of digital marketing used by businesses to draw the attention of customers in an innovative and creative way.

Who doesn’t love apps and games? Interactive, informative, useful and even addictive (we constantly free up HD space to create a new one), applications and game advertising are increasingly linked to digital marketing strategies.

marketing de relacionamento

Main advantages of relationship marketing

  • Natural and spontaneous disclosure of content
  • Excellent cost/benefit
  • Establishes lasting links between business and public
  • Clear and direct communication
  • Stimulates the interaction and engagement of the audience
  • Provides incentives (free kits, online courses, etc.)
  • Promotes a positive reputation of the brand
  • Consolidates the confidence of a company within the public

Intranet and systems: agility, organization and communication

The communication between employees of a company should be efficient, integrated and facilitated. The intranet is a strong ally in the communication and internal management of the team. The whole world should be in tune or, no pun intended, on the same page. A well-implemented communication culture makes all the difference in productivity!

inbound e outbound

Inbound and outbound marketing: a duo of (much) success

The great revolution in the world of marketing strategies of recent times is separated into two parts: inbound and outbound. The inbound marketing is the indirect communication via targeted content and online, while the outbound consists of traditional marketing, direct communication and disseminated to the masses via radio, television, printed media and other channels.

Although distinct, the two strategies are complementary and, when used together, can generate amazing results! An eye on the A4 and another on the hotsite: because both inbound and outbound are the dynamic duo of modern marketing.

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