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Creating apps and games: expand your presence in the online world

The creation of apps and games geared for the corporate environment is one of the most powerful relationship tools. Smartphones are the main source of access to the Internet, and mobile apps became indispensable in the daily lives of millions of people. Therefore, your company needs to be attentive to the needs of your audience, increasingly demanding and tuned to new technologies. Users connected 24/7 and interacting with applications and systems represent a qualified audience for companies to announce their products and services. Alongside the creation of apps for businesses, another marketing strategy is part of the current market reality: the creation of games. The gamification is a new concept of experience and relationship between company and audience. As well as the applications for enterprises, the games are much more of a success among the public. After all, who doesn’t like to spend some time playing? Regarding applications, the rule of thumb is clear: “if you free some space on your phone, you can fit one more in”! Would you like to be present on your costumer’s daily routine? The creation of apps and games, one of our specialties, is a strategy of relationship that can bring amazing results. Talk to one of our experts!

criação app games

The importance of the creation of apps and games for your business

In recent years, our consumption habits have changed, as well as the way we communicate and seek for information. The Internet, followed by the growth of the mobile market, also profoundly transformed the relations between the company and the public. Robust tools now allow the marketing strategy of a company to be targeted, measurable, enhanced and assertive. In this sense, the creation of apps emerged to accompany an audience that spends most of the time browsing the Internet, via their smartphone. There is no shortage of reasons for you to invest in the creation of an app for businesses:

  • The information provided by the users helps to refine your database
  • Excellent cost/benefit ratio
  • Helps strengthen the brand with the public and on the market
  • More likely to retain new customers
  • Instant and facilitated access
  • Optimizes the costumer service, improving the company’s involvement with their audience
  • Dissemination of promotions, events and releases in real time
  • Direct communication and sales channel
criação de app

Creation of an app: technology in the palm of your hand

The creation of applications for companies came to meet the expectations of a new generation of consumers. These costumers, ever-more demanding, are always in search of customized solutions, capable of providing comfort, convenience and interactivity. More than providing services or selling products, this strategy aims to make sure a brand is always present in the routine of the public. The intention is to provide a rich, pleasant and functional experience. Consequently, it is possible to promote a lasting relationship and trust between company and customer, as demonstrated by our success stories.

criação de games

Creation of games: fun and entertainment

The corporate games are the next big thing in the world of digital marketing and advertising. It is an effective strategy for interaction that is also dynamic, relaxed, noninvasive and with well-defined objectives. With the advent of the internet and new technologies, consumers began to have power over the content that they wish to receive. Therefore, to reach a qualified audience is crucial to develop actions and efficient communication plans, aligned to the demanding profile of the new generation. And it is here that the games come to life, as a spontaneous and fun way of interaction. Business games are aimed at encouraging the public through challenges, competitions, contests, games and actions on social networks. This strategy stimulates the action of users on a given task, in exchange for some reward. One of our success stories with gamification was the Megapix Ambassadors, a contest that had as its objective to mobilize youtubers to promote the brand on social networks. After going through three challenges, participants competed for awards of 5,000 Brazilian reais in audiovisual products and other benefits!

We have elaborated the best solutions geared to the creation of apps and games for companies.

We understand and we customize demands in accordance with the wishes of our customers, in order to deliver the best possible user experience! How about bringing your brand to the public, cultivate the loyalty of its customers and leverage new business opportunities? Talk with an expert right now!

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