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marketing promocional digital

Digital Promotional Marketing: learn about actions that generate results

The promotional marketing is one of the most efficient ways to grab the public’s attention, opening doors to new opportunities. This powerful commercial strategy drives sales and provides a unique experience for the consumer.

“Propaganda is the soul of the business”, right? This principle still applies, with one difference: it is necessary to leave your mark in the digital environment. Hotsites, blogs, social networks and their billions of users are a fertile ground for promotional marketing. However, some factors are fundamental to the success of promotional actions online.

Before adopting a hands-on attitude and invest, it is necessary to understand the digital promotional marketing. Have you ever thought about giving a boost in the communication of your brand, offering incentives and benefits for your audience?

o que é marketing promocional digital?

What is digital promotional marketing?

Digital promotional marketing is a strategy of commercial approach which has clear objectives: increase sales, customer loyalty and promote a positive experience of the brand.

With actions and promotional campaigns, the brand values and highlights products and services, offering discounts, samples and other advantages. The mechanics must be jaw-dropping, attractive and creative, in order to bring immediate results.

The keyword of the strategy is relationship: after all, every company wants to gain the confidence of their audience. Consequently, the brand image is also valued, and the chances of getting new customers are even bigger!

ações promocionais offline

What is the difference between traditional offline promotional actions and digital promotional actions?

Traditional marketing now has a great ally: digital marketing. In this varied scenario, online promotional actions come with attributes that separate them from offline channels:

  • Digital promotional actions target a clearer and more assertive segmentation of the public. Automation tools allow you to outline an ideal audience from actual data.
  • In the same way, monitoring of the promotional marketing and the sizing of results are more precise and efficient in online channels
  • The cost to run promotional actions online may be lower in relation to conventional ways

Even though online channels have dominated the business world, traditional media also has its place of prominence. Printed materials, giveaways and other gifts convey credibility, care and professionalism.

Therefore, do not discard possibilities to promote your brand: analyze which channels are more efficient and search market trends before making decisions. The good old marketing does work, and can bring amazing results!

tipo de ação promocional

Types of promotional actions:

Offline channels

Distribution of gifts and prizes, free samples, sweepstakes, contests, events, bonuses and other incentive programs.

Online channels

Interactive banners, hotsites, promotional e-mails, games and applications; creation of interactive material (e-books, white papers, webinars, etc.); cultural comtests in social networks; sweepstakes; coupons with discounts, bloggers club; free trials and others.

quais são as principais vantagens do markeing promocional digital

What are the main advantages of digital promotional marketing?

• The company enters in direct contact with the public, via the Internet
• Great cost/benefit
• Helps spread the brand
• Promotes a positive image with the public
• Increases sales
• Possible to measure
• Increases the chances of getting new customers
• Encourages engagement between brand and audience
• Opportunity to disseminate new products and services on the market

case de marketing promocional

Cases of promotional marketing: success partnerships

What is the secret to a successful promotional marketing campaign? Well, strategic planning is the basis for any business. In addition, creativity and innovation are required ingredients in promotional actions online.

The high competitiveness of the market requires an outlined strategy, in order to delight the audience and earn their trust. Our partners and customers are always searching for thought-provoking and exclusive campaigns. And we’re always innovating and offering increasingly powerful solutions to captivate people and transform ideas into results.

Our team of experts has developed numerous digital promotional actions in recent years. To get to know a little of our work, check out our portfolio of promotions and the Megapix Ambassadors case!

Promotional digital marketing is a great ally to enhance products and services, directly affecting sales and brand image.

Feel like learning more about this valuable and effective strategy? Please contact us right now to speak with a specialist. We can help you!

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