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E-mail marketing: interaction with your leads

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful communication tools to promote products and services. Despite the popularity of instant messaging applications and social media, the good old e-mail remains strong! In Inbound Marketing, the currency exchange is the e-mail address. Just by filling out a simple form, people interested in certain content provide valuable data for companies. This way, they can better understand the behavior of the consumer. The goal of this segmentation is to promote personalized content, able to establish a relationship of trust between brand and audience. Want to send the ideal content for the right person, when they most need it? We are experts on the subject! Since 2002 we’ve been offering services online and offline for various partners and customers. Talk with an expert!

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a communication tool used within a well-planned strategy of marketing. With this technique, it is possible to group contacts in accordance with interests, location, behavior and others.

e-mail marketing

The importance of e-mail marketing

In recent years, it became clear that sending e-mails without considering the content and the recipient is a big mistake. The good practices of this strategy were molded from the need to customize messages and effectively reach people. The keyword is relationship. This tool has many features of automation, which eases monitoring of campaigns. In addition, monitoring is essential to assess results and assist in decision-making processes. This type of mass communication promotes a better engagement between business and public, as well as attracts more traffic to websites. Its greatest stand-out quality is the fact of being the channel of biggest financial return. An e-mail marketing campaign requires little investment and generates large revenue.

E-mail marketing strategies: understanding your lead’s stage

The sales funnel is a strategic model which represents the journey of the consumer. To understand each step of the process, it is possible to lead a person from not knowing your business to buying your product. How? Understanding in what step the client is, to promote content that is interesting and in line with to the interests of the persona. Segmenting and considering each step is essential for e-mail marketing campaigns to be assertive and thought-provoking.

  • topo do funil

    Top of the funnel

    The top or entry of the funnel represents the discovery. Currently, the persona doesn’t know any solutions and has no intention of making a purchase. It is recommended that the initial content grabs the attention of the possible consumer, causing them to recognize a problem or need. This is the time to generate traffic and you need to be creative and comprehensive to please with ease! Educational content, guides, tutorials, videos and other content are the best means of stimulating the possible buyer. No commercial content. You must remember that the person still doesn't know that they have a problem or a need!
  • meio do funil

    Middle of the funnel

    The middle of the funnel is the moment of consideration and intention. Now the person turns into a prospect, which means they are someone who have already been through the educational process and interacted with the company. This is when they become a lead, once their behavior points to a possible purchase interest. The middle of the funnel is suitable to offer solutions in order to help the prospect to advance to the next step. Success stories, infographics, e-books and more detailed content are ideal for this moment.
  • fundo do funil

    Bottom of the funnel

    The bottom of the funnel is the last leg of the journey, representing the moment of decision. After all, the lead is already informed enough to become a satisfied customer! It is time to promote your products and services, via newsletters, promotions, free trials and content that directly stimulate the purchase.
tipos de email marketing

Types of e-mail marketing


The newsletters are periodic informational content, which aim to maintain the relationship with the customer. This strategy can be used in all stages of the sales funnel. No wonder the newsletter is the resource used by most companies. Through them it is possible not to lose the lead from sight, ensuring your company’s presence in their daily lives.


Any action taken by the lead determines how the strategy of automation of e-mails will be. It is through them that occurs the segmentation of content, from clicks in pages, downloads and other actions. Automation is a powerful tactic, which covers all stages of the journey of the consumer. In addition, the strategy helps prepare and educate the possible consumer to purchase products or services.

criacção template email marketing

Creating custom templates: customized flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of e-mail marketing is its versatility. It is possible to perform several types of communication, through friendly and attractive layouts. The creation of templates is a way to differentiate content, without interfering with the structure of the message. The template of an e-mail marketing must be responsive, objective and fully adjusted to the purposes of its dispatch.

E-mail marketing is fundamental to build trust between the public and the company

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