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otimize a comunicação da sua empresa

Intranet and Systems: optimize your company’s communication

In the business world, communication is everything. The creation of intranet and systems plays a crucial role in the organization and communication of a company. In addition, the creation of software aims to foster the sharing of information between administrators, employees, clients and third parties. In a corporate routine, everyone must be on the same page. It is therefore essential to automate processes, in order to facilitate the access and control of information. A well-structured system optimizes the internal and external communication for your company, increasing productivity and centralizing data. We have the best solutions for intranet and systems to streamline corporate communication. Looking to optimize the communication of your company? Talk to one of our specialists.

The importance of the intranet and systems for your business

The creation of intranet and systems has as purpose connect all sectors of a company. The development of systems and intranet centralizes and streamlines processes, making the work routine more dynamic and functional. Activities that previously took hours, like managing sectors, checking files and many others, are now done in a few seconds, with just a few clicks. Technology has favored the emergence of resources that range from the creation of extranet and intranet systems to apps and games. The choice of the most appropriate strategy varies according to the needs of the company or client. There are several reasons for your company to invest in creating systems:

  • A robust and efficient platform saves time and resources
  • Avoids waste of paper
  • Easy to use
  • Increases the productivity
  • Features an intuitive interface
  • Agile access and accurate information
  • Optimizes and stimulates internal and external communication
  • Open Internet protocols
  • Facilitates  logistics
  • Connects different departments of the same company to the same network
  • Offers connection in all operating systems
  • Global access

Intranet x Extranet: what's the difference?

In recent years, there has been a real revolution in the concept of device network applied to business. There are two networking models: intranet and extranet. Do you know what is the functionality and use of each one of them?

intranet ou extranet: qual a diferença?


Intranet is a unique network management for corporate use, with servers installed in an internal IT infrastructure. This network is closed and only accessible to employees of a particular company, and often usable only in the work environment, on machines registered in that network. However, the restriction to the work environment is not a rule, provided that the employee is authorized to access the system. The intranet allows the exchange of information, messaging, online services, systems for the management of sites and many other activities. This model may or may not be connected to the Internet.



The extranet is an extension of the intranet, with private networks that share information. Basically, it is a contact network, with access interface. When an intranet information and systems is open to customers, suppliers and partners, it’s an extranet network. Unlike the intranet, for the extranet to work it needs to connect to the Internet. Besides, this type of network is managed by all who share it.

soluções inteligentes para intranet e sistemas

Success Stories: smart solutions for intranet systems

The systems creation must be aligned to the needs of the company. Each platform has a specific function, from a personalized web information system. If you have a business and it still does not have a software to integrate sectors, streamline tasks, access data and others, this is the time to boost your corporate environment! Over our many years of field work, we promoted innovative and efficient solutions for several clients and partners. Since 2002, our success stories have come with platforms geared to management, research, internal communication, connectivity and much more.

How about giving a boost on your productivity, keeping your team in tune and optimizing processes?

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